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# 言葉 意味
2 しんき (新規) : 1. new; fresh 2. new item (e.g. customer, regulation); newly created object
2 むりょう (無料) : free (of charge); gratuitous
2 けっさい (決済) : settlement; payment of account
2 かんりょう (完了) : 1. completion; conclusion 2. perfect (tense, form, aspect)
1 かそういどうたいつうしんじぎょうしゃ (仮想移動体通信事業者) : mobile virtual network operator; MVNO
1 おく (奥) : inner part; inside; interior; depths (e.g. of a forest); back (of a house, drawer, etc.); bottom (e.g. of one's heart); recesses; heart
1 かいし (開始) : start; commencement; beginning; initiation
1 きかん (期間) : period; term; interval
1 ないぞう (内蔵) : internal (e.g. disk); built-in; equipped (with)
1 ほんたい (本体) : 1. substance; real form 2. main part; main unit; body (of a machine)
1 いったいがた (一体型) : combined unit; two-in-one unit; many-in-one unit; integrated model
1 ぶつり (物理) : physics; law of nature
1 はいそう (配送) : delivery
1 まつ (待つ) : 1. to wait 2. to await; to look forward to; to anticipate
1 かいせん (回線) : circuit; line
1 かいつう (開通) : 1. opening (of a new road, railway, etc.); going into operation (e.g. telephone communication); beginning services 2. reopening (e.g. a road to traffic); resumption of services
1 けいやく (契約) : contract; compact; agreement
1 たいしょう (対象) : target; object (of worship, study, etc.); subject (of taxation, etc.)
1 もうしこむ (申し込む) : to apply for; to make an application; to propose (marriage); to offer (mediation); to make an overture (of peace); to challenge; to lodge (objections); to request (an interview); to subscribe for; to book; to reserve
1 いこう (以降) : on and after; as from; hereafter; thereafter; since
1 てすうりょう (手数料) : (handling) fee; charge (e.g. for a cancellation); commission; brokerage
1 はっせい (発生) : 1. outbreak; spring forth; occurrence; incidence 2. generation (e.g. of power or heat); genesis; origin